Simulation for Plant and Chemical Processing

Simulation for plant engineering helps to find solutions for energy efficiency, process enhancements, cost reduction, plant optimisation and safety performance.

Especially a design optimisation, before production and construction starts, is the best way to save time and costs.  

For the plant engineering sector, it is vital to analyse heat generation and transfer, mixing, diverting, separation and filtration.

There is quite a number of simulation possibilities for chemical engineering and processing, including:

Fluid flow in process engineering poses specific challenges, in particular with regard to the precise definition and modelling of these problems: Here, the engineer often has to handle complex mixtures of different phases, e.g. bubbles in liquids in reactors, free surfaces between liquids and gases in mixers or complex particle flows in fluidised beds.

DHCAE Tools has a wide experience in multiphase flows and offers special training courses for these kinds of problems. Furthermore, DHCAE Tools develops special solvers for these kinds of applications, based on open-source systems:

DHCAE Tools’ open source-based simulation tool for the modelling of filter applications can be deployed in every field of filtration of solid particles from gases or liquids with thin filter media in a plant or a unit.

Already in the development, the inflow on the filter can be optimised without building a prototype. This leads to a

As an example, typical application areas for filtration are:

Simulation_plant_chemical_engineering_2 Simulation_plant_chemical_engineering_1