Simulation for Medical Devices

In Healthcare, safety standards become strict rules and virtual simulations can be the key to design requirements compliance.


Simulations of different product designs can be performed in order to improve design and production process reliability. An enormous advantage is that with testing in a virtual environment, optimal solutions can be found in the very early stages of the research, which leads to lower costs and higher safety.


Many different applications are possible for modern simulation tools, here are some examples:

In medical devices of interactions between fluid and solids, so-called fluid structure interactions have to be considered. DHCAE Tools offers coupling options between the open-source solvers for this kind of application, and due to the long experience in this field, customers can expect a first in class support.

Furthermore, DHCAE has a vast experience in customised model development in this field, e.g. for integrating blood damage models into CFD tools.

Moving mesh applications with free surfaces are very computational intensive.