Simulation for Consumer Goods

Computer simulation is being used by companies in the consumer goods industry worldwide to solve engineering issues and optimise products and processes.

Durability, reliability, a shortened time to market and lower production costs are important for most consumer products as products need to become cheaper and innovation cycles are getting shorter. To fulfill these needs, computational simulations are the best choice.

Some typical examples of consumer products:

Please see an example of multiphase flow based on OpenFOAM®’s volume of fluid method

DHCAE Tools is very experienced in the usage of the capabilities for multiphase flows of the open source CFD toolbox OpenFOAM®.

These functionalities cover dispersed flows (e.g. particle, droplet or bubble transport), separated flows (e.g. free surface flows) or transitional flows.

Many technical applications and processes can be modelled with these models:

and many others