Simulation for Automobile and Transportation Technology

In the product development process of automobiles and other means of transport, computational simulations are carried out to significantly reduce the number of physical prototypes required for testing and the costs related to their production.

While in former times, only OEMs used simulation techniques, more and more suppliers are expected to prove the functionality of their products with simulation.

DHCAE Tools answer to the cost pressure in this field are cost and time effective simulation techniques for CFD and structural analysis.

Computer simulation enables manufacturers in the automotive and transportation industry to have a shorter design cycle and a faster time to market.

Among many others, in the field of automobile and transportation, you have simulation possibilities for:

or any other vehicle.

Many fields in the autobile and transportation sector are addressed:

Heat treatment

Quench hardening is a process in heat treatment where cooling jets from a nozzle field impinge on heated metallic parts. The cooling rate greatly influences the structural transformation and the resulting properties of the base material. CFD analyses are conducted to optimize the flow field and the resulting heat exchange rate at the surface.

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