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1000 core hours/month in cloud

You will get a budget of 150€ per month to run simulations in the cloud, which is equivalent to at least 1000 core hours or even more. In contrast to many other core-hour descriptions, these are physical cores based on the latest Intel Xeon CPU architecture.

The CPU resources can be used freely during the complete subscription period, e.g. in case of 3 months, 3000 core hours in total and anytime during the subscription period.

If you need more simulation resources in the cloud, you can fill up the budget any time without any changes in CPU costs (approx. 0.12€/core hour). The maximum job size for a single case is currently: 9 nodes with 18 CPUs and free 162 cores for simulation. Several instances can be started in parallel.

Monitoring Tool

All packages include our monitoring tool runGui which allows a convenient uploading of jobs and monitoring for simulations in the cloud, either from your local installation (packages 1-3) or from the provided external machine (package 4).

Further, you have GUI-based access to many OpenFOAM® mesh and pre- and post-processing functionalities for OpenFOAM® from runGui.

For more information, please visit www.dhcae-tools.com/CastNet.html


CastNet is a meshing and case setup tool based on CAD kernel geometry input (Parasolid, ACIS or Granite (Pro-E/Creo)). CastNet supports more than 30 OpenFOAM® solvers and a wide range of CalculiX functionalities with an easy template approach.

You can install CastNet with runGui locally on your machine and use CastNet for the pre-processing of the cases you would like to run locally or in the cloud. Post-processing can be done locally with ParaView.

For more information, please visit www.dhcae-tools.com/CastNet.html

CastNet-Server Simulation 4 cores

The option includes full access to a powerful machine via internet (rdp), where 4 cores for simulation are permanently available without any costs.

You will find everything pre-installed here: CastNet with CAD import, meshing, OpenFOAM® and CalculiX support, monitoring, solver and post-processing.

You can exchange models via Dropbox or other cloud drives and also select between a Windows and a Linux environment.

If you need more powerful computational resources, you can run jobs at other cloud resources from there, according your cloud budget.

Solver Support

In these packages, a solver support is included to help you if issues occur. This support can be done by email or in shared screen sessions.

DHCAE Tools has many years of extensive experience in OpenFOAM® and CalculiX simulations and uses these tools in daily engineering projects.

Individual Introduction

These packages include a half-day personal introduction into the usage and recommendations how to work with solvers. The introduction can be done by screen-sharing, e.g. using Skype.

We will go with you through a complete case setup in a remote session and explain the features.

During these introductions, we will guide you through the efficient setup of the environment and the solution.

CFD User /

Cloud Extension

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DHCAE Tools Cloud Products & Pricing

Different support packages are available for you to choose the solution suitable for your needs. Of course, we also offer customised solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

1000 core hours/

month in the cloud

Monitoring Tool


Solver support

CastNet-Server Simulation 4 cores

Individual Introduction

Prices per month

Solver Expert /

Cloud Extension



Flexible All Inclusive

All External

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How it works:

If you would like to utilise the cloud-usage as extension to your local simulation solver usage (packages 1-3), you will need a local installation of solvers:

Using package 4, you do not have to install any software. No solvers, no monitoring tool, no case setup tool. You will get everything prepared on a virtual machine where you can connect from everywhere.

DHCAE Cloud uses the CloudBroker interface provided by CloudSME for commercial cloud provisions. This technology was ranked No. 1 EU innovation in 2015.

runGui-solving in the cloud Post-processing-with-ParaView

Package 4

Package 1

Package 2

Package 3

This video demonstrates the case setup in CastNet. CastNet’s CAD-based case setup and CFD/FEA meshing are included in packages 3 and 4.

In this video, the solving in the cloud with runGui is demonstrated. runGui for case upload, monitoring (cloud and locally) and many additional solver functionalities are included in all packages.

This video demonstrates the post-processing of data with the open-source software ParaView. ParaView is part of your local installation (packages 1-3) or can be used remotely (package 4).

CastNet CFD-FEA-meshing and case-setup DHCAE-Tools-Software-Solutions-Cloud-CFD-FEA-EN DHCAE-Tools-Software-Loesungen-Cloud-CFD-FEA-DE

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